All Pro Bail Bonds San Francisco -Common Legal Terms For Bail Bonds

  When a loved one is arrested, it can be a terrible, confusing experience. Our Bail Bonds office, located in downtown Georgetown, strives to alleviate as much as that stress as possible. We take care of all the details, answer all your questions, and get your loved one out of the Williamson County Jail as quickly as possible. To help you understand more about the common terms related to arrests,… Read Article →

Criminal warrant: Definition and Sanctions

The criminal warrant is characterized by inciting a person to commit murder or poisoning, without success. The offense therefore presupposes an act of incitement. However, for there to be a criminal warrant, this incentive must imperatively remain unsuccessful.   Criminal mandate: what is it? Article 221-5-1 of the Penal Code criminalizes provocation not followed by effect to murder or poisoning. This offense is called the criminal warrant. It is created… Read Article →

Mortgage or Bond? What you need to know in 5 minutes

When people make a real estate purchase (eg a house, an apartment), they usually resort to a mortgage loan granted by a bank. To protect itself from possible cases of non-repayment of the loan, the bank will require a guarantee: either a mortgage or a deposit . If it is a deposit, the bank will a priori ask for a joint surety, allowing him to recover all the debt from… Read Article →

Bail Bonds

We provide you with full instructions on the process of obtaining a bail bond from a friend or a member of the staff working in the event of his arrest.   What happen after being arrested? After the arrest, the court determines the amount of bail. This is the court’s way of ensuring that the accused appears in his or her history as determined by the court, or dates as… Read Article →

Crime: Definition, Components, Prescription

Crime is a serious offense, which reflects very strong antisocial behavior. It is at the highest degree in the gravity scale of the offenses, which are the subject of a tripartite classification: crime, offense, contravention. The point now. Crime: general notions Definition of crime In a general sense, crime is a particularly serious transgression, detrimental to order and security, contrary to accepted social values, repressed by conscience and punished by… Read Article →

Attempt in Criminal Law: Definition and Repression

Attempt is the activity leading to the commission of an offense. It is the act done to commit an offense but does not produce the result desired by its author. Attempt in criminal law: definition and conditions The conditions of the attempt in criminal law are defined by Article 121-5 of the Penal Code. According to that article, an attempt to commit an offense is made when, manifested by a… Read Article →

Refund of Bail Fees by Police

A person who has been released on bail (bail bond) is entitled to recover the amount through the post office if 180 days have elapsed since the deposit of the guarantee and no indictment has been filed against him, provided that the court does not order that the bail be extended It is possible to verify the status of bail redemption in the financial retrieval system at the Police.  … Read Article →

The Price of Being Free: Bail

In the middle of the night you receive the call of a loved one. He tells you that he was arrested by the authorities and asks if you can help him pay the deposit.   How much should you pay? What happens if they ask you for collateral as collateral? Can you recover what you paid for? When a person is arrested, the first step is the admission process, at… Read Article →