Easy loans online bad credit -Low credit loans online: click here for hard cash

Low credit loans online: click here for hard cash

Good Finance is a popular loan service where you can apply for a loan of USD 500 – 10,000. You can use the loan as you wish, as Good Finance’s loan service does not ask you about the purpose of the loan.

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You can also pay off outstanding instant loans with a Good Finance loan.

You will get several loan offers from the service and you can choose the most suitable option.

You do not need any guarantors or collateral.

The loan repayment period has a wide range of different needs. You can choose a payback period from 3 months to 5 years.

Changes to your grace schedule can be made easily with Good Finance B Secure.

Good Finance is established in 2009 and has over 400,000 customers in three countries. These include Finland, Estonia, and Spain. On the basis of the number of customers, it is possible to speak of a significant player in the financial markets.

Good Finance AS, a Finnish branch, is a member of AVI’s Lender Register.

The Regional Administrative Agency (AVI) is the body responsible for monitoring the legality of consumer credit marketing and credit agreements with the FCA.

In addition, the Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority monitors your consumer rights.

Good Finance’s goal is to be transparent and fair and to provide a loan service that provides everyone with access to a quick loan at reasonable interest rates.

Good Finance has invested heavily in the latest technology to make lending as easy, inexpensive and quick as possible. Speed ​​is emphasized by convincing Good Finance to be faster than any bank.

Advanced technology saves costs, which means lower loan costs for the customer.

Three quick steps to getting a loan

  1. Sign up for the service and submit your loan application
  2. Get multiple offers, choose the one that suits you best
  3. Verify your identity and sign a contract

Who can get a Good Finance loan?


Good Finance borrows responsibly, so the following five conditions must be met before applying for a loan:

  • You are at least 18 years of age or older
  • You have a bank account in Finland
  • Your regular income
  • You have no valid payment defaults
  • There is no history of gambling addiction

Loan Terms


  • The loan amount is 500-10 000 USD
  • Loan period 3 months – 5 years
  • Loan interest rates starting from 19.88%
  • The early repayment of the loan can be done at no additional cost
  • Monthly loan repayments are available
  • Applying for a loan is done online, whether on your computer, tablet or smartphone

An example of loan costs
A loan of $ 4,250 for 5 years will cost $ 126.48 per month. The typical annual interest rate is 32.86%. The total amount to be paid over 5 years is $ 7,839.13, which includes interest payments of $ 2,488.93 (19.88% with a fixed interest rate) and an annual management fee of $ 850.2. In addition, a $ 250 contract fee will be charged when you repay your loan. After 5 years your total charge will be $ 3,589.13 if you borrow $ 4,250. The interest rate varies from loan to loan, so please read carefully the terms and conditions of the service.