Bail Bonds

We provide you with full instructions on the process of obtaining a bail bond from a friend or a member of the staff working in the event of his arrest.


What happen after being arrested?

What happen after being arrested?

After the arrest, the court determines the amount of bail. This is the court’s way of ensuring that the accused appears in his or her history as determined by the court, or dates as soon as he is released from prison.

The guarantee is refunded if the person comes to court as scheduled. If the person escapes, the bail is dropped. We help the person to find a guarantor when the person can not afford to publish the entire bail bond.

For some crimes after being arrested the prison can set a “standard” bail amount, which allows you to go out without attending the first appearance.


What happen if you can’t provide a bond?

What happen if you can

However, if you can not provide the specific bond, your criminal defense attorneys may seek to reduce the bond and present to the judge certain factors (absence of criminal record, your status in the community, your family ties, and your employment status) as grounds for reducing the bond.

If the bail is not paid or you can not pay the bail, you will remain in prison. We will need basic information when you contact us for our expert services.

We work with you and work with the prison to release the accused by presenting the bail bond to the court with the full amount of bail determined by the court, to secure your release or release from your family. Depending on the circumstances, the warranty or signatories may be required. Our process is fast, professional and cost-effective.