Refund of Bail Fees by Police

A person who has been released on bail (bail bond) is entitled to recover the amount through the post office if 180 days have elapsed since the deposit of the guarantee and no indictment has been filed against him, provided that the court does not order that the bail be extended

It is possible to verify the status of bail redemption in the financial retrieval system at the Police.


Who is the right owner?

Who is the right owner?

The person who deposited a security bond at the police station as an alternative to his detention.

1. Within 180 days of the deposit of the bail no indictment was filed against him.

2. The guarantee has not been extended by court order.


The right collection process

The right collection process

  • If an indictment is not filed within 180 days of the filing date and the guarantee has not been extended, the amount will be automatically transferred by the police to the post office.
  • The details of the guarantee and the latest updates can be checked in accordance with the financial regulations of the police, at the police station of Israel (the identity card number and the guarantee number must be registered).
  • In order to refund money, you must come to the post office and show your ID card.


It is important to know

important to know

The bail that was deposited at the time of release at the police station is intended by a police officer, not a bail deposited in court.


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