The way out of the debt trap?

The system known as the KHR records all debtors in Hungary today. At the time of its creation, banks only registered the parties, but they soon realized that there were many benefits to making all debtors, including individuals, visible in this central system.

Be very careful when browsing the BAR list

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On the one hand, the banking secrets mentioned above and possibly about us (personal data, financial data), and, on the other hand, calculating based on false information before applying for a loan, for example, can go awry. The Internet has many benefits, but the great danger is that almost anyone can create a website, comment on a myriad of places, without worrying that even if you don’t take care of your website and someone gets lost, it can do a lot of harm. Not to mention deliberate misrepresentation, either for the sake of a joke or as part of a fraudulent misrepresentation, they want to drag us into a consumer group.

It is important to keep in mind when borrowing that if we do not have a safety net in the event that we are no longer earning or receiving, but not so much, it would be an accident, etc.

Many people live by the principle that all trouble

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Trouble can only happen to someone else. But Uncle Laci, in the eyes of Uncle Julcsi, is that certain “other that can happen to me, but not to me,” and Uncle Laci, in the eyes of Uncle Laci, is the other person. Therefore, if we have a family, if we have a strand ourselves, count on a misguided future just to ensure our standard of living and, if possible, our livelihoods even in the event of trouble. Especially if you are thinking about a higher loan amount and a longer maturity. It is difficult to predict in advance that we will live eg. 10 years from now, this is why we will benefit later if we are to be prepared for the worst.

In case it sounds incredible how big a problem it can be for someone to be added to the BAR list of negative debtors, think about the situation of bad-faith Swiss franc debtors. Many could not pay the doubled or even tripled monthly repayment fees. Some are still trying to make up for the shortfall that prevents them from focusing on current needs. After all, to buy a 23-year-old, wrecked little car, pay off your CHF loan for a home, a personal loan … Anyone who settles their debt in full will, of course, be removed from the BAR list, but let’s try to imagine that we can’t pay off our loan so much that we can’t catch up on it in years.

Partly because of the BAR / KHR, what kind of credit we take is important. 20% APR for a quick mortgage or 3-4-5% APR for a home loan. Sure, it’s quicker, easier, energy and time-saving to arrange for a free-to-use loan, and it’s likely that the bank clerk will list your benefits with a broad smile, but the time and energy we gain for a few days, even a couple of weeks, that we would be able to make restraints for up to 5-10 years if our situation were to go wrong?

Never be fooled by the smile and kind invitation from the clerks.

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There are some of them who really want to help, that’s not disputed, but sometimes they just try to push the most appropriate constructions to the bank’s throats. We do not know what kind of banking specialist we are going to, no matter how unpleasant it is to read. Banks have gone through a lot of positive changes in recent years, but they are staffed by people. And among people, wherever they live, whatever their job, there are always people who don’t care about the damage they can do to the lives of others, not even through expressed malice, but by carelessness. Not to mention, if we do not take a high-repayment construction into our necks, we may end up being caught in the claws of a fraudulent person.

Our words do not want to frighten anyone, we just want our readers to be informed and open-eyed, always counting on the worst possible scenario. Namely, who makes a scenario for as many options as possible will not encounter any really unexpected event, but will find the best way out based on past experience and examples.