These payday loans are best for you

Payday loans are always popular, and due to declining interest rates, more and more people are using them if they need a few hundred thousand forints fast. The competition between banks is such that most people let go of all the upfront costs or tablets as gifts, but many are already offering to repay well-paying customers a portion of the repayment installment or provide free insurance on the loan. There are special designs for redeeming your old loans, buying a car, or building a home, so finding the best deal is getting harder and harder. We have collected offers with interesting promotions and favorable conditions.

You can’t go without a gift

You can


Another aspect of Provident’s small loans is January 2015: Due to new income-proportionate lending standards, banks can only lend to half of a client’s certified income, meaning that the monthly repayment installment may not exceed 50% of our paper-based income. This can make it difficult for those who have an existing loan, for example, to apply for a new loan, such as a payday loan. The law allows one exception, for loans not exceeding HUF 200,000, the customer may be credited without taking into account the indicator, if he / she does not have another loan of less than HUF 200,000 upon application. Since Provident loans are already available from 30 thousand forints, those who need a smaller amount might want to choose them, because most banks have a minimum of 200-300 thousand for a minimum payday loan.

Good payers also get their money back

Good payers also get their money back


For the first time, Superbbank came out last year with a facility where well-paying personal mutual customers get their money back. With Fair Personal payday loans , you will be reimbursed 10% of your loan amount each year, unless there is a delay in repaying the loan in that year, and you may receive a 3% discount on your income transfer and no initial charges. With a $ 500,000 3-year loan, it’s a little over $ 21,000 a year, so a monthly repayment will come out a lot, according to our loan calculator . In case the amount of 750 thousand he can claim under the loan documentation, loan appraisal lightened if the client has an existing loan for at least 12 months, which he repays the details of at least 15 thousand forints. At this time, only the last three months, bank account statements is required in addition to proof of identity documents, on which the income is seen by this payment once Ű bb and faster process at the usual.

The interest rate on each WAQ Bank payday loan is fixed throughout the term, so you do not have to worry about an increase in the repayment term. You can get an interest rate discount on your Standard payday loan if you receive at least HUF 110,000 in income from the Bank, but if you can justify and direct your income to HUF 240,000 per month, you can also choose your Premium payday loan, which is one of the 13.99 percent interest.

Eicredit has long been actively targeting Internet users, so much so that they have a special offer for them. The Online Premium loan can only be applied for on the bank’s website, and if you go to the bank branch from the street, you can only choose from more expensive deals. A further condition is that we need to justify at least $ 250,000 in income in order to get a 16.20 percent interest rate, which we can reduce by another 1 percent if we commit to connecting with the bank in multiple strands. The interest rate of the loan is fixed for the entire term of the loan, which, however, can be up to 3 years and we can claim a minimum of 800 thousand HUF in this arrangement.

We can also make our old loans cheaper

We can also make our old loans cheaper


Although up until now it has been customary for home loans to look at banks every few years, and if we find a better one to transfer our credit to another provider, now there are payday loans to buy credit. Debt Manager MitiBank payday loan offers favorable and fixed-term interest rates at no initial cost, but the latter can only be used if you do not need more loans than you need to replace your old loans.

The lowest interest rate can be obtained with the Superbbank Fair Debt Reduction Loan if we undertake to transfer our income here as well. For a record low 9.99 percent interest rate, we need to verify that we haven’t had a payment delay of more than 30 days in the last 3 months. It’s worthwhile to replace your old loan with a payday loan that is considered a high interest rate compared to mortgage loans if it has even higher interest rates, such as many credit cards or older payday loans.

Erste Bank came up with an interesting offer these days as they made a special payday loan to replace the loans involved in the settlement of foreign currency loans. This is interesting because there may be tens of thousands of foreign currency mortgage customers who have a debt of only 1-2 million after settlement and would rather buy a loan to take out the bank’s mortgage, thus facilitating the sale or any change of ownership.